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Peggy Baier (Liddell) - 10-10-2009
Greetings from sunny Florida.  What a beautiful job on the website Luana.  I've really enjoyed watching it come together.  Great photo of Shirlanna and Bill at the reunion.  So sorry I missed it.
Douglas S. Shaw - 10-09-2009
Paula (Somers) Shaw and I have not missed a reunion yet. We love going back home to see everyone. This year it was great having the reunion on our 39th wedding anniversary. And they said it wouldn't last! Keep up the good work, Lu!
John Loveless - 10-08-2009
Thanks Luana for putting this all together.  I didn't make it this year, but it was fun seeing who did and enjoying from a distant time and space.
JoanToutant Miller - 10-03-2009
Great job on the web site.  Due to illness and time constraints couldn't make this last reunion but have loved being able to look back and keep up.  Am still in Milwaukee and still nursing.  Looking at the pics of the 20th reunion view 70 is John Miller & you guessed, me Joan Toutant Miller.  Have two great kids, a daughter Jennifer just out side of Chicago & a son Eric who last year graduated from UW Madison.  He is an Evans scholar and plays a great game of golf like his dad.  Jennifer gave us our first grandchild, Baron, and every 8 weeks I try to go to Chicago to see him.  He's the love of my life.  She and her husband Eric (yes my son in law is named Eric also) have masters degrees and work in two hospitals outside of Chicago.  I look forward to keeping up and staying in touch with everyone.. I miss the TC life!! Badgers are on  so time to watch football
Lauri Baynton Gartner - 10-02-2009
I had a great time at the Reunion, thanks to the committee for all their hard work! Even though I moved to Grand Rapids after 10th grade I've enjoyed attending the reunions these last 20 years. I especially love seeing all my Willow Hill classmates each time, if there are any of you reading this, how about having another Willow Hill Reunion, it's been 20 years since the last one and it would be so much fun. Loved looking at all the pics you posted.
Wendie l Moses(Davis) - 09-30-2009
Well missed the great times, we had family obligations also! But vote to have another one in 5 years. We'll be there for sure. Love this new sight, great work and its free!!!! My best  to everyone. Wendie
judy allgaier robinson - 09-29-2009
Who woud have ever thought back in 69 we would have all this technology to stay connected.....I am blown away with this website...Way to go Luanne!!! I just got on the site for the first time and it is way to late to start connecting with  many of you...but I am looking forward to it!
Anita Plough Scussel - 09-29-2009
So looking forward to moving back to the family home on 11th Street in a year or two.  Way too long in Illinois.  Pining for the North County.  Looking forward to re-establishing contacts.  The website is really super!
COL(Ret) Thomas F. Lamie - 09-29-2009
Awesome job on the Class of 69 web site! Great seeing (by photos) many of the class members I recall. I'm anxious to see the balance of the yearbook photos.
Pete Mehl (Belanger) - 09-20-2009
Hola '69ers from northern California.  Luanna, I think you've done an outstanding job on putting this thing together.  The work that you've done is VERY special.  I regret now that I never voted for you for anything back in '69; in fact, I never voted for anyone, that I can recall.  Ah, the truth comes out.  I've even had to pull out the old yearbook a time or two to see what everyone looked like back then.  Even though I've changed my last name, I haven't aged at all (at least in my aging mind).  I do regret that I couldn't attend what looks like couple of nights where  a great deal of booze was consumed . . . I see Jeff Fort was in attendance . . . maybe he's changed, though.  Anyway, I agree with Barb--10 years will be too long for the next.  Although I haven't made any of them I continue to wait for that special of most special events--5 years from now.  I'm putting it on my calendar because I may forget between now and then--5 years.  Great memories (most of them).  Pete Belanger
Barb Fawcett (Giffin) - 09-08-2009
Hola from Orlando!  Yes, still here in the sunshine state.  
First reunion in 40 yrs I missed.  So sorry I wasn't there.  Family obligations, like getting our daughter ready for her senior year.  Class of 2010.  She is going to crack up looking at some of these pictures of the class of 69, over the past years.  Was that really us??  Loved all of the pics!  Hey, just a note, in the pictures of our 20th, the gal you have identified as Deb Klotzbzch, in the black dress, is acutally Katie Lane.  
Let's not wait another 10 yrs before we have another reunion.  Let's do a 45th.  My plastic surgery etal should be healed by then, LOL.  Need to look as good as the rest of you!  I remember when my folks had their 50th, and they were OLD!  That certainly isn't us.  Even though I have now lived in Florida longer then I did in Michigan, I still consider Traverse City my home.  My brother Dave, still works at the Record Eagle and Karen Clark Haenlein help keep me up to date.
Love to all and drop me a line or two now that you have my email address.
Fantastic job on the web site.  
Valerie Allen - 09-07-2009
I wasn't able to attend but it was lovely to have this site to see some old friends faces once again. Hi to all. Contact me if you  like. I live in California and  have been widowed for 10 years. I also have two homes in TC but don't get there too often. My mother lives in one and I'm saving the other for myself someday! I live at 2328 Geranium Street, San Diego, CA 92109 ph:858-274-6043
Nice work on the site, Luana!
Lots of love and good will to all, Valerie
Doug Peterson - 09-06-2009
Excellent 40th party! I had a blast! So cool to see everybody. I want to linedance again.  What a screem! Can`t we do this every two years?  Good job girls.Thanks loads.                          Doug
Barb Hults Burgess - 09-06-2009
Luana, great work on the web site! It will be fun to see how it develops.
From looking at the photo gallery, it looks like everyone had a great time at the reunion!  Sorry I missed the party but I could not attend this year, I'll try for the 45th, if we have one! Thanks again for all your time and effort developing this web site.
Marilyn Downer Morkin - 09-06-2009
Loved looking at pictures, brings back many memories.  Sorry I could not be at reunion this year.  

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